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Family Offices or Companies

We become the real estate arm of companies and Family Offices that seek to invest in the real estate industry without losing focus on their main business or without operating directly.

Owners of land reserves

We analyze properties and propose viable business models, representing them in negotiations or speeding up development in all its stages, according to their growth objectives.


We accompany and advise you during your search, informing about the different options and taking care of your interests, before the different proposals within the real estate environment.

Real Estate Developers

We promote growth in new areas or segments and multiply their installed capacity in order to achieve a greater number of projects and opportunities.

Brands or Franchises

We guide the brands  and franchises in its expansion, real estate administration and management of surplus land.

Fibers and CKDs

We acquire and propose properties or projects in need of capital or to discount future rents, as well as advice on their disincorporations or transformations of current properties.


We want to be part of your growth

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